Senior Rep Program

The SLP Senior Rep team is a group of senior girls from local South Florida high schools & colleges that are passionate about their upcoming senior year, present within their community, and excited to be a part of the SLP Grad family! Different than a normal Senior Experience, as being a senior rep lasts the entirety of their senior year!

The Senior Rep program is a highly sought after exclusive community and experience. Being chosen as a senior rep includes countless perks throughout the year - multiple photoshoots, digital images to share on social media, fun gifts, group events, styled shoots, their full, 2 hour customized senior experience, and best of all rewards towards their session!

The Perks!

Meet & Greet Party

The whole team is invited to a get together to meet the rest of the group! Fun food, drinks and people. There will be a Photo Booth so of course you can share the fun!

Group Styled Shoots

These are styled shoots with the whole team. There may be a chance to partner with a local boutique!

Themed Mini Shoots

Would the group like some Christmas photos? Done. Some New Year sparkle photos? Count me in! We will have some fun throughout the year.

Images for #SeniorSunday

You will have enough digital images to share for senior Sunday throughout the year! This is YOUR time to shine and be ahead of the game!

Your personalized Senior Session

Of course you will also have your very own individual senior session! It is everything included In my normal sessions however senior reps have discounted prints and products and a chance to pay off your entire session with referrals!

FAQ for Senior Reps

What is a senior rep anyway?

A senior rep is a graduating senior who makes a good representative of Sam Lucas Photo. Your involvement in your community and school is important and you should be able to share all that you do!

How long am I a senior rep?

The Senior Rep Program runs from September-June (when you're graduation is). When applying to be a senior rep you should be going into your senior year. If you're not, no worries hop on my application list for the next year!

Does it matter what school I am graduating from?

Not at all! Everyone is welcome in the South Florida (Fort Lauderdale, Pompano, Boca Raton) area.

Do I have to pay anything to be a part of the program?

Yes, once accepted, there is a one time payment fee for the entirety of the program. There are no other hidden fees or shoots that will require you to pay an extra fee. So basically you will be getting ~at least~ 2 full senior sessions! This coming year's team is a $2,000 value for just $525, split into multiple payments! As a Senior Rep you will be a part of the Rep & Refer program, so you may be able to have your session at no cost to you!

What kind of perks do I get for being a senior rep?

As a Senior Rep, you will receive multiple group styled shoots (some my be partnered with local vendors), your personal senior experience session, countless digital images from all of the shoots, fun group events like the exclusive meet & greet party, game nights, rewards such as Rep & Refer, and prizes!

Do my parents need to be involved?

Yes, if you are a high school senior they MUST be involved! No, they do not need to come to the shoots! I ask that you inform your parents about the senior rep program before applying so that they are aware of the requirements and the one time fee that is involved. I actually notify them first before telling the high school seniors they've made the team!

can I share the images on social media?

Yes! Share away! You will be receiving fully edited, high resolution digital images from each and every shoot to share, and print if you want! There may or may not be prizes for those who share ;)